Laser Hair Removal - The Ins & Outs & Discounts

With our annual Holiday Special closing out, we at Choice Dermatology wanted to give you a little extra something to get you through the cold winter months - 10% off all laser hair removal until February 28!

If you have a warm beach vacation to look forward to, a winter wedding coming up, or you just can't stand shaving and waxing yourself raw, laser hair removal may be the treatment you've been searching for. But we still understand if you're a little cautious about it, so here is some additional information to get you more comfortable.

Let's review some things you should know before getting lasered:

- What skin types can be treated? Our laser at Choice can treat all skin types (from very fair to very dark), but some darker skin types may need to use a lightening cream over the desired area before starting treatment.

- Is it painful? There is some pain but our Nd:YAG laser by Cynosure follows each spot with a cold stream of air to minimize pain (a big plus for those of us with low pain tolerances!)

- How long will it take? While each treatment takes between 30 minutes to an hour, 5 or 6 treatments are needed for optimal results. Treatments should also be scheduled every 6 weeks for optimal results.

- What areas can be treated? Laser hair removal can be used on basically any part of the body: back, chest, bikini line, face (including the upper lip and chin), neck, and shoulders. For the more intimate areas, feel free to ask for our female physician Sydne Miller, PA-C.

Have more questions about laser hair removal? Call our office at (908) 766-7546 to schedule a consultation or message us on Facebook! We're happy to answer any questions, comments, or concerns. And remember, all laser hair removal treatments are 10% off until February 28th!