Double Chin? Check Out Kybella!
August 10, 2017
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p>We all want it - a defined jawline, strong profile, and chiseled chin. But what seems to always get in the way? Submental fullness that sits right under your otherwise gorgeous profile! This submental fullness, or "double chin", can have many causes and affects both men and women. Some of these causes include weight gain, genetics, or aging.

You do not have to be overweight to have fullness under you chin, and sometimes diet and exercise won't make the condition go away. If you find yourself bothered by the fat beneath your chin, it may be time to look into Kybella.

Kybella is the only FDA-approved injectable treatment that destroys fat cells under your chin to improve your profile. Once these cells are destroyed, they can no longer store or accumulate fat. Once you reach your desired aesthetic goal, you're done! After treatment, you can expect swelling, bruising, or numbness beneath your chin, and each treatment is administered at least one month apart.

Check out these beautiful before-and-after pictures of Kybella patients, and read their real stories here!