Trusculpt 3D

What is truSculpt 3D?

This non-surgical, FDA-approved treatment improves the shape and contours of the body by targeting and reducing fat in unwanted areas, particularly the stomach and back. Fat reduction and skin tightening can be seen after just one treatment.

This ultrasound technology is directed over the area to heat up and painlessly destroy stubborn fat cells and with no recovery period. The only sensation you will feel during the truSculpt 3D treatment is slight warmth where the handheld device is being directed over the skin, but that’s all you should feel. You can even return to your daily routine immediately after treatment. Once the fat cells have been destroyed the results are permanent.

How many truSculpt 3D sessions will I need?

You will see the results of your treatment after just one session (usually about 1-3 months after treatment). Of course, some patients may choose to have more than one treatment to further target fat in other areas. Dr. Meulener can work with you to create a customized treatment plan to fit your needs.

Is truSculpt 3D right for me?

If you are an otherwise healthy individual who is within range of their ideal BMI (body mass index) but can’t seem to lose the extra weight around the sides, stomach or lower back, then this non-surgical body contouring treatment could be ideal for you. This is particularly a great option for someone who wants to improve the look of their body without having to undergo surgery.