When Should You Get Your Mole Checked Out?
By Choice Dermatology
January 09, 2018
Category: Skin Care
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It’s not uncommon for a person to have a mole. In fact, some people have dozens of them all over their body. But in some cases, a mole molecan turn into a type of skin cancer called a melanoma. As tempting as it may be to ignore or avoid a potentially problematic mole, it’s best to go in for an examination at Choice Dermatology in Basking Ridge and Elizabeth, NJ as soon as possible for your peace of mind. 

What Is a Mole?
A mole is a small gathering of cells on the skin that is usually darker in color compared to the rest of the skin. It is usually slightly raised and circular in shape, however, in some cases a mole may be what is called “atypical.” It is most common in lighter skinned people. Unlike a scab or acne sore, a mole is not something that you can easily pick or tweeze off. Sometimes a patient is born with a mole (sometimes called a “birthmark”), while in other cases it appears later in life. Moles can be hereditary.

When Should a Mole Be Checked?
Moles are usually benign, but as a patient ages the cells could begin to change. Also, constant exposure to the sun can also affect mole cells. If you have a mole that has been the same for a long time and it suddenly starts changing, whether in color, size, or shape you should have it checked by your Basking Ridge and Elizabeth, NJ dermatologist. Also, if the mole starts to become painful or bleeds, see your doctor. If anyone in your family has a history of melanoma, you should have moles checked regularly.

Mole Removal
Some patients want to know if a benign mole should be removed or left alone. Your dermatologist will likely recommend that you leave it alone if it is normal. A mole can be removed by a doctor using a surgical procedure called excision. If a mole contains cancer cells, it’s important to have it diagnosed as soon as possible for the treatment.

See Your Dermatologist
You can get your mole checked out at Choice Dermatology in Basking Ridge and Elizabeth, NJ. Call (908) 766-7546 or (908) 355-0112 today and make an appointment to see Dr. Marc Meulener.