"Should I Be Worried About My Mole?"
By Choice Dermatology
April 25, 2019
Category: Skin Conditions
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How your dermatologist in Elizabeth and Basking Ridge, NJ, can help with mole removal

Nearly everyone has moles; big moles, little moles, flat moles, elevated moles, all kinds of moles. The question is, when should you get mole examyour moles checked out by a dermatologist? Dr. Marc Meulener at Choice Dermatology offers a full range of skin care services including mole evaluation and removal. He has two convenient office locations in Elizabeth, NJ, and Basking Ridge, NJ, to help your skin stay healthy and beautiful.

Moles are very common. Moles are caused by melanocytes, the skin cells responsible for skin color. When the melanocytes clump together, a mole appears. Most moles are normal, but it’s still a good idea to check your moles regularly and look for any signs of early skin cancer, such as:

  • An asymmetrical or non-uniform mole
  • A mole with irregular, ragged borders
  • A mole which has a diameter over 6 millimeters
  • A mole that has changed in height, shape, color or size
  • A mole that has reformed after being removed previously
  • A mole that itches, burns, or is painful
  • Oozing or bleeding coming from a mole

If you notice a mole with any of the irregularities listed above, you should seek out the help from your Elizabeth and Basking Ridge, NJ, dermatologist. Dr. Meulener can advise you on whether you should have the mole removed or have a biopsy performed to determine whether the mole tissue is abnormal.

There are several ways to remove a mole. Dr. Meulener can recommend the option best for you. Common mole removal methods include:

  • Shaving the mole; the area is numbed and the mole is taken out by cutting underneath and around it. This treatment is performed on small moles and doesn’t require sutures.
  • Surgically removing the mole; the area is numbed and a punching instrument is used to extract the entire mole. The surgery area is closed with small sutures.

Do a self-check of your moles every day. To find out more about mole treatment and removal, how to prevent skin cancer, and help for other skin issues, call Dr. Meulener at Choice Dermatology. Call (908) 766-7546 to schedule an appointment at the Basking Ridge, NJ, office or (908) 355-0112 to schedule an appointment at the Elizabeth, NJ, office!