Finding the Right Dermatologist in Morristown, NJ
By Choice Dermatology
April 14, 2020
Category: Skin Care
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Here are some helpful tips for choosing the right dermatologist to fit your needs.

Dermatologists aren’t just meant to help people who are dealing with skin problems. In fact, just as you get routine checkups from a dentist and regular doctor, you could also benefit from visiting our Elizabeth, NJ, dermatologist Dr. Marc Meulener once a year for screenings and routine care. So, how do you decide whether a dermatologist is the right fit for you? Here are some factors to consider:

Your Needs

Are you looking for a dermatologist who can provide routine care and treatment? Do you want someone who can provide you with cosmetic services? Do you need a dermatologist who can perform minor surgical procedures to remove moles, growths and cancerous lesions? Your needs will certainly dictate the right dermatologist for you. Of course, some dermatologists like our own Elizabeth, NJ, skin doctor can provide you with everything from regular medical dermatology to cosmetic and surgical services, so you only have to turn to one doctor.

Their Credentials

All doctors are here to serve you and your health, so while you may shy away from asking certain questions about a doctor and their experience, it’s important that you know their education, expertise and background before you decide to go to them. After all, you have to feel confident and comfortable with the doctor you’re turning to for your care. Ask if your dermatologist is board certified, if they participate in continuing education and even ask to see “before and after” photos from patients getting cosmetic treatments.

Your Insurance

Your health insurance plan may also dictate the network of dermatologists in and around Elizabeth, Basking Ridge, and Morristown, NJ, from which you can choose. Talk with your health insurance provider to get a list of skin doctors. Choice Dermatology works with a variety of health insurance plans. Wondering if we take your health insurance? You can also just give us a call.

Unique Services

Does your dermatologist offer same-day emergency visits? Do they offer weekend appointments? Do they provide virtual checkups, so you don’t have to come into the office every time you have a minor concern or need a prescription refill? Look through the extensive list of your dermatologist’s offerings, as well as their office hours and availability.

If you’re looking for a dermatologist in Elizabeth or Basking Ridge, NJ, and serving Morristown, NJ, let Choice Dermatology be the right choice for getting the quality skin care you desire. Call us at (908) 766-7546 for our Basking Ridge office or (908) 355-0112 for our Elizabeth office.